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How to make a turbo spool faster

This action works off the rpm of your engine and the load that the engine is under. To find out just how easy it is to transform a stock Golf R into a 500bhp weapon, we joined Revo at their UK HQ as they installed their Performance Pack and IS38ETR Power Package (link to the latest v2 Turbo) to a customer’s car. but will it offer the power you are looking for? an electronic controller would help spool it faster and a smaller exhaust housing will help, but you will lose some power up top. 48 will spool faster but how much faster. My 01 PSD would respond faster than my 05 even when it was stock. You'll also want a 2. Remove the intake hose/pipe off your turbo chargers inlet. Many nearby components would be severely damaged if exposed to that much heat for any amount of time. 32 A/R turbine housing for a wide powerband, a 270-degree thrust bearing for better lubrication, and a billet 78mm compressor wheel for more flow and quicker turbo spooling. Lots of black smoke and even with other engine planning the boat off the turbo will not make boost. It would spool so fast we decided to spray it all the way through, for ease of tuning. This lets you use a smaller turbine for the target horsepower you want to achieve. 3L Aircooled VW, I saw the best spool as I made EBC changes. How many supra's/rx7's do you see upgrading to larger twin turbo's? Most of them switch to a big single one. One other variable factors into turbo sizing: engine displacement. be/dyEYaN6Y_FM Subscribe for new videos every  18 Jun 2018 Just about every compact car on the market is coming out with a four-cylinder turbo to improve efficiency, but they ain't the least bit loud. How can I get it to spool quicker? I autocross the car and What i mean´t by that was, when you unnequip a Headlight (happens on the Old Pessima and the 200BX) the filter gets more air, which would mean to me (Car Guy/ Engine Specialist) the turbo would perform better/ get cleaner air, instead of that hot air that comes from the engine (that is usually "stuck" in the engine bay) If the Devs added a kind of "Air Flow Simulation" they could also add a I guess when I look at a turbo and see claims it spools similar to stock and holds boost through redline, I expect it to be a bit more responsive down low and faster spool between shifts. It will allow you to control a bit better. This turbo can supply over 500 hp of air and the specs prove it has the flow to make it a true performance or towing turbo. Although the power and turbo spool gains are great, my favorite part about the performance intakes is the sound. just cant figure it out. Have you ever seen nitrous backfire? With the real hot temps at the turbo it might be possible to preignite and blow your turbo to pieces and catch your car on fire. Can also be added to an existing D66 turbo. I have my turbo pipe wrapped and am going to wrap my turbo soon. More load = more exhaust = spool. The 38R turbo for the 7. It seemed to spool slower than the original evo3. Lower amounts of back pressure allow the turbo to spool up quicker and better giving you more boost. will have low inertia and therefore will accelerate faster for a given exhaust flow. While exotic turbine materials, improved ball-bearing designs and new compressor make headlines, a twin scroll (a. Mar 17, 2020 · When you only have a 1. If you’ve opened up the exhaust side, do the same to the intake. A downpipe with a smaller inner diameter offers less airflow, slightly reducing top-end horsepower. You could also get a LBZ mouth piece, 3" hot and cold pipes, and the most extreme PnP your stocker or a LBZ turbo w/PnP since they spool a little faster. Yea, it'll spool quicker but choke at higher rpms. . The manifold on my car had some shallow cracks that weren't all the way through. That would make it a GTX2860 if my research is correct. If looking for spool, and power data between our stage 2, and the MAP turbo upgrade. Mar 10, 2017 · Use Honda Civic VTEC Turbo Sound HQ and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. Yes the smaller the turbo the quicker it spools, but now you have 2 turbo's to spool, 2 exhaust wheels to turn and less exhaust flow hitting each wheel. e. The factory spool I get at full throttle i. No salt water issues found. The Quick Spool Valve has proven to produce as much as 150ft/lbs MORE TORQUE in the midrange of the powerband, AND it will make more peak power as well due to the turbo spooling faster. An engine that is spinning faster May 11, 2007 · How much of a difference would a turbo with a . The excess fuel will instantly react with the oxygen, and the combustion will increase exhaust temperature, and velocity, thereby spooling the turbo. Anyways this setting can be set just right for quicker spool time, however if you try to set it to spool to quick, once you hit max boost, you will have alot of boost spike. In one corner we have boost threshold. Note: Do not use defragmentation on SSD disks. The way I currently have it adjusted, it opens around 7 psi. So, you get the benefit at the bottom-end by having quicker spooling turbo. Is the right way to think about this that it’s a trade off between torque to the wheels and energy to the turbine? In a turbo, this will help to pull air through your turbine quicker, allowing the turbo to spool faster. If you are doing just a simple maf cal, pull timing, and o2 adjust the AEM FIC and mapecu3 are probably your 2 best options. Along with the different compressor and turbine options are the cooling options, you can choose just oil or oil and coolant. well what about a system that uses magnets to spool a turbo by using the turbo shaft as the shaft to an electric motor. Your limitation isn't going to be the turbo, your limitation on power is going to be the fuel. A properly engineered Compound/Twin Turbo Kit, will translate into much more horsepower, much lower EGT's, better fuel mileage, a much broader RPM range (quick spool up, with huge high end WOT potential), and, overall, a much more drivable, high performance truck. The turbo spools around 4500rpm. So this is where there is the illusion of a faster spool, the turbo still spools the same, its just your bogging your motor down so when it does spool up its at a lower rev. With LEDAUT T4 turbocharger turbo blanket,you can protect and prolong the car engine components and give a boost in horsepower. So a VGT turbo veins and actuator (all on and inside of turbo) are able to control boost pressure like a waste gate does, exhaust brake, (no waste gate can do that) and can also control exhaust Details about K04 TurboCharger FOR audi A4 B5 B6 VW Passat 1. Its much better to run it in the coldpipe and let the extra combustion from the nitrous to create the exhaust gases needed to spool the turbo faster. Don't get me wrong, with the 50HP setting it's much better in the low, and upper end and stock now just feels like a dog, but I get a pretty good haze of smoke until the turbo lights at around 1900rpm. BTW, this fell in my lap because I have a good friend that is a service tech at a Case tractor dealer. google622582fe1d69e3ee. This is from the  1 Jan 2018 often confuse folks. Advantages: Louder turbo sound, faster turbo spool. You will also suffer some fuel economy loss with the smaller turbo, with it spooling more easily. And although turbocharging is taking over, it definitely has a downside in the form of Jan 15, 2020 · How to Make Your Car Faster. A small turbine will spool up quickly, but will choke down the exhaust and limit horsepower. Ive been in and out of this methanol/water injection thead and I cant find an answer tomy Question. it built to 30 like 8 months May 17, 2008 · the hotter air temps will slow the spool up down some. 0 if they really want that bottom-end, and we can spool the turbo. When ever he moved up in line, stepped on the throttle a bit, you can really hear the turbo spool up very quickly and was noticeably louder than my setup. divided-inlet) turbine housing paired with a properly-engineered turbo manifold may deliver a bigger improvement in boost response than a number of the other technologies combined. Replace your turbo vehicle's exhaust downpipe with a smaller-diameter unit. On your exhuast, if you running a 3 inch system, if you swap that to a 2. They've been the engine of choice for long distance tourers and weekend adventure seekers alike for decades now, and for a bunch The Full-Race R18 turbo kit is designed to be exceptionally powerful and very fast spooling while generating huge area-under-the-curve yet maintaining quick response and spool. i would get it myself since that is a really good deal but i think i'll do things right The 6262 may spool slights slower than the GTX35R with the 6262’s larger turbine wheel, but if your looking for more flow than that’s just what your looking for. You can also get an intake. On the street it can feel like a huge difference, but when i get to thinking, how can a car pull HARDER when your reducing the torque multiplication through the drivetrain LLY's usually spool pretty quick, a good tuner will def make it spool faster and with a mouthpiece and cold air intake it will make plenty of "turbo noise" too. k. Dynomax 17741 Super Turbo Muffler $73. Blowing C02 into the exhaust side of the turbo to spool up faster… I’m sure I’m not the first person to come up with this, I checked the search and couldn’t find anything… What if one where to drill a nozzle into the exhaust side of the turbo, attach an AN line, and CO2 bottle? By activating It would definitely spool up faster with a 9cm turbine housing. A larger turbo simply takes longer to spool up and deliver more boost. How much faster does a methanol injection kit (Aquamist preferably) make a big turbo spool? (GT40. 63 a/r turbine housing for the same hx35, then the spool time will be moved to the 3,000-4000 rpm range depending on your boost level and it will still be capable of 450-500 hp. Larger throttle bodies mostly don't effect power, they do effect feel of the engine. 3L build. This would be a few steps for the stock turbo. May 05, 2013 · If the car can ever spool that turbo up it will make huge amounts of power, but it wont start seeing boost until around 5,500 rpm in 3rd gear. For max power use intercooler and low restriction intake/exhaust. to spool it, so they are able to spool much faster than a single kit. at 129 a piece its getting kinda rediculious. Hard to reach area of the car. I drive spirited and track it a few times a year. Faster Turbo Spool-Up Increased Air Flow to Engine Quicker Throttle Response 2 NPT Ports for Boost Gauge / Air Temps Gauge / Water Methanol / Nitrous Oxide Easy Installation › See more product details i don't think using an ls 1st gear is going to make a difference. 2. Here are some of the turbo's offered by the manufacturers: Garrett Turbo's: May 23, 2019 · The CST4 uses a 56. FEATURES: More boost Quicker spool up More power Cooler EGT's. Not a bad upgrade for the price, but you'd have to get a re tune. is the problem just reasent or has it been an on going problem. You won't really be able to make it spool faster without something drastic like nitrous. Mar 07, 2015 · A turbo can be tuned with a smaller exhaust housing that will spool the turbo quicker, and an exhaust wastegate can then be added to bleed off excess exhaust pressure at high engine rpm. ~ 4000rpm is 5-6PSI. Again, the CST4 outshines the K04 with the turbine inducer being 12% larger and the exducer 10% larger. Depending on your current setup (mods, available octane, ethanol content, overall power) tuning and injectors may be required. ) will get the turbo spinning faster than it does just keeping the throttle at a constant level. turbo: kkr380 low mounted cheers john on Dec 11 2011, 02:00 AM within the Help & Advice category. So a VGT turbo veins and actuator (all on and inside of turbo) are able to control boost pressure like a waste gate does, exhaust brake, (no waste gate can do that) and can also control exhaust I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cheap mod to do that will make the car feel faster. Increase AFR and increase timing during transition to full boost. In order for heat to spool the turbo the exhaust would have to come out of the downpipe at a much cooler temperature than the inlet  19 Feb 2019 Second, with increased EGT, the turbocharger spools up to create boost much faster and also cuts down on turbo lag. Select from a wide range of models, decals, meshes, plugins, or audio that help bring your imagination into reality. The stock 2-port solenoid limits how fast the turbo can spool. I've found that running this 12. VRTuned. Show Full Signature The fastest spooling turbo I've experienced is the GT28RS on Bruce's car, which seemed almost instantaneous without any perceivable lag. im at a loss. Turbo heat shield can withstand heat of up to 2000¡ãF Keep crucial engine components protected from the heat of your turbo. This turbo owns the 60-1 in flow, spool, and reliability and out spools the PTE6262 and the BW S362. Although small turbos typically spool quicker than large turbos, when they’re used in a twin-turbo system, each is receiving only half the exhaust pressure as a single-turbo system. When it came to designing the specifications, Full-Race engineers followed the same design philosophy as our other legendary turbo systems – offering maximum Jan 08, 2018 · Without it, the whole turbo glows a bright yellow and reads as much as 760 degrees Fahrenheit. Oct 13, 2011 · Some others may be a little more knowledgeable. ) Stock wheel size is 18"x 7. a smaller turbo will spool faster. Well what if you reverse that theory. This turbine is connected by a shaft to the compressor wheel. External waste gates can react quicker to relieve pressure since they have larger ports to dump exhaust, versus an integrated setup. In a nutshell, the turbo will spool faster but more importantly the engine flowed on average 5 g/s more mass air past 5500 RPM. There is less restriction but not enough to warrant additional power. So if you have a standard or a lightly tuned engine and your engine suddenly has a slower turbo spool and a higher turbo lag, there are some common causes that you should look for to diagnose the problem. I want it to spool and produce higher psi at lower rpm. But I doubt if either of these turbos would make 300 by 3K rpm. 530 will spool a hair faster, but have less power so the question is the end goal. Apr 11, 2016 · Called electric-powered compressor (EPC) in Audi terminology, the battery-powered turbo will spool up at low engine speeds to virtually eliminate turbo lag by providing boost right off the line. In my WRX, blipping the throttle repeatedly (full-throttle, full-off, full-throttle, etc. Which turbo to buy? The gt4082 is a verry fassst spooling turbo that will give you up to 500rwhp for sure. Making the turbo exhaust port smaller to make more low-end velocity thus making the turbo spool faster. I will make full boos in the early to mid 3k range and spool by 1800-2100 range depending on mods. comments That's how it works in the world of NA cars but not turbo cars. They also tend to spool up faster than a turbocharged gasoline engine of the same displacement and using the same turbo since the volume of gas running through the engine is significantly higher at idle, again, because there's no throttle in the way. If the logic module didn't suppress At maximum speed, the turbine side of the equation may yield say 250,000 rpms. A turbo with a large aspect ratio will flow lots of air and deliver lots of boost at high RPM but will be slow to spool up at low RPM. i myself run custom tunes by innovative and am really impressed how MOST of the turbo lag is gone, lol lets just say eric pretty much throws it out the window, but there is still a little bit, and every tune is different. (pulled 4deg timing while spraying also). If you want a lot of tuning options out of a piggyback the mapecu3 is a good choice. is that correct? I would think the waste gate has to work less harder because it has to control less gasses because more of of them are flowing easier and faster, and less stess of the wategate, and the wastegate is conserned with the pressure between the manifold and the turbo not the turbo and the muffler. However i ran alcohol and methanol and a little water and the spool is ten times faster. com. Buy Fits 2014+ M3/ M4 3” downpipes Increase throttle response and get faster turbo spool in Singapore,Singapore. How can I do that? Also, I am thinking of making a simple boost controller. It all depends on if your car has a stock turbo. This was extremely popular prior to the T4 turbo mounting options coming to market (for more information on T4 setups, keep scrolling). Faster Turbo Spool in the 997 Turbo with VR Tuned. Product Info. I was looking at going T3/T4 since the T4 compressors are supposed to be more efficient. This turbo is a spooling monster  5 Aug 2011 Almost all of the turbocharger manufactures have tried something like this to make the turbo spool faster - and the only system that seems to  1 Sep 2009 We take a look at HKS, GReddy, Garrett, and Turbonetics to get a better as the turbine wheel spools faster, the compressor wheel will start to . Strong upper mid to top end with turbo. Hey guys, just need to confirm that the photos shown are the wastegate and the wastegate actuator assembly. Here are some of the common causes of slow turbo spool and increased turbo lag. 5" without modification to the car, 19" rims don't make your car faster!) Jan 19, 2017 · Not quite as good as compound turbo set up, but a VGT system definitely can help turbo spool faster when getting into throttle from a dead stop. Or just pump a 50-100 shot of nitrous through the motor to spool a really really big hotside turbo. The main thing wat i get out of it is that it keeps the heat in the turbo to allow it to spool up faster. You either replace is with a smaller turbo that has a much faster Spool up time, or add a Anti Lag system that will reduce engine life down to 50-60%, or adjust Air/Fuel ratios. The exhaust exit pipe coming off the turbo is 2 1/4" size and tucks under the rear apron. On 2007. When you improve the flow you make more power off-boost and increase exhaust energy which will actually spool the larger turbo faster. the CT26 on a 13BT is designed for generic driving styles (think best of all worlds). The upper limit, is the tolerance of the 1999 - 2003 7. I make the same MPG I did stock with the 30R even when I do get on it sometimes. I have exactly the same problem. They make more power but aint going to spool much faster. Turbos work at idle and at a predetermined rpm, they produce enough air flow to overcome the vacuum of the engine, thus producing ‘boost'. An upgraded intake really brings the sound of the turbo spool to life. A turbo is an addition to automobiles to increase the horsepower of the engine. a smaller turbo will spool up quicker (and in my opinion will fit most of our driving styles) Mar 19, 2004 · Given the conditions you assume, same airflow and efficiency, I believe the single will spool faster. We say it over and over again but there is nothing you can buy that Oct 16, 2014 · Page 4 of 5 - Which Turbo For Fastest Spool Up? - posted in Forced Induction & N/A Power Mods: Im definitely in agreement about the feel of a high torque engine, I was explaining to someone that although my car has a high (relative) power figure, it doesnt feel fast by comparison to some turbocharged cars that make lass power. Kind of like blowing on a pin wheel as a child, blow on the bigger part it spins faster. I mite be wrong. 3 Powerstroke is a direct fit drop in turbo with lightning fast spool up and a larger more efficient 66mm compressor wheel. The 28R series will spool faster, but the 30R series will carry the torque across the powerband, where the smaller turbine will start being the restriction in the system. TURBO INLET: ($200 NEW) If you’ve ever seen pictures of the stock turbo inlet pipe, it is a squished piece of metal and a restriction on the intake side of your turbo. Features our unique ”split duration” lobe profile design (exhaust duration is less than intake duration) ”Spools” turbo faster for quicker boost and response. Aug 03, 2019 · Causes of slow turbo spool/turbo lag. So, if the turbine wheel is getting enough energy to turn that fast, what’s slowing it down? Well, that’s where the other half of the equation comes into play. Feb 27, 2020 · Turbos take time to spool and that fact wont change so ride one before you buy it. If it has soot in it as a result of mods, throttle response will totally SUCK. How to make 400 - 500 RWHP 7. 3-Spool When it comes to jet engine design for commercial airliners, there are two typical designs that are similar in concept, but radically different in terms of its working mechanics. Tubular manifold, twin scroll turbo, equal length runners, then get a mid sized hot side. 1 day ago · This happens faster with larger leaks. I smaller turbo would spool faster but it woule not cool on the higher settings. ( 2quick ) hey guys just looking for a list of mods/ upgrades i can do to my sr20det to get it to spool faster. Because he was spooling a 4. A properly sized single turbo will spin up just as fast as two smaller ones. (and your hood paint), help with faster spool up times on larger framed turbos,  21 Oct 2016 a turbo will be. I’m thinking thru this idea that Mitsubishi uses to spool the turbo faster: running the engine pretty lean in the spool-up region. 4 can build 8 lbs of boost in neutral with launch control on a holset hx40 from a 8. I have never drove a car that felt like this. I can rev the piss out of my gsr with t3/t4 in neutral and it won't build boost, but in gear it reaches full boost before vtec (before 4400 rpms). 63AR t3/t04e on my 2. I have an edge chip, but it does it regaurdless of wether its on or not . Once at full boost turbos can spin up to 150 000rpms! I've lost count of times over the years when I've said that BB turbos, if all else is equal, DO NOT spool noticeably faster than journal bearing turbos- It's the wheel and housing designs that make a turbo spool better, or not. So go grab yourself some gram lights or OZ racing wheels and make your ride look even better while you're at it (stock rim weight is 26. 1 or a 1. These are getting hard to find. What about bigger turbos? The COBB turbo blanket insulates the turbine housing offering multiple benefits. May 05, 2013 · The higher the blade count also helps with spool time, because it captures more air at lower rpm of the turbo. Last weekend I went to 6% lean on WOT fuel and 8% lean on spool fuel, instead of being totally opposite on the rich side (I thought thats where I should be given my o2 numbers and the low fuel pressure) with the extender's default 23 degrees of timing You are going to spend a lot of money to only make it a little faster. Seems like hotter EGT equals more exhaust volume thus more velocity in the pipes and faster spooling. must be something wrong with it, I`ll have to take a BFH to it and straighten it out some . Jan 21, 2020 · Rather than a belt spinning the compressor wheel, the turbo has an turbine in the exhaust housing that is spun by exhaust gases. Gasoline Engines and Turbos Gasoline is much more volatile than diesel fuel: it burns hotter, ignites quicker, does not need to be atomized for combustion, and also uses a lower air-to-fuel ratio than diesel fuel. Oct 01, 2012 · The results are below. Good luck with it! Show Full Signature Sep 03, 2007 · Hell, spool wasn't that radically different with a blown exhaust gasket on my car when it had the 13C, and the gasket was very badly blown, so I didn't beat on the car so much generally. Sep 30, 2015 · For example, if you tow regularly, a turbo with a smaller inducer size will spool up more quickly for low-end power. The same amount of exhaust gas passing through a smaller pipe will move at a higher velocity which will spool up a turbo faster but decrease top end because it cannot breathe. You’ll see quicker spool and hold more boost in the upper rpm range. When you remove the back pressure from the exhaust system there are many benefits. Disadvantages: Somewhat difficult install. or go with a gt 35 with high boost. Although I have néver been in a subie with a tune so I may be wrong but it wouldnt make sense to me that I have less lag then you do and I'm all stock. Lets just say this. my question if i looking for about 500 - 550ish hp. The gate doesn't open as soon, forcing the turbo to spool up faster, and then the gate opens quick and large. Kyle at Weller mentioned they can do their kit with the 2860 with a billet wheel to help it spool faster. As you probably know, the high torque of the engine tends to "kick in" at a certain rpm range. I ported it out a lot and put a larger turbo on it and those cracks haven't grown. Feb 08, 2007 · Ball bearing turbos can increase boost and spool up quick, thanks to their low internal drag. The lack of a cat is good for a noticeable power gain, however, the ECU will need to be re-tuned to accommodate for the missing emissions piece (see Bama May 06, 2019 · A performance intake allows your N55 to pull in more air leading to faster turbo spool, more power, and an intoxicating sound. It seems that ignition advance affects how a turbo spools. A stock 56mm throttle body flows more than enough air at reasonable velocities to support about 320HP (not WHP). Any thoughts on how to make the stock 2004 wrx turbo spool faster?? Currently, I am running Cobb Stage 2. If you’ve cleaned up space on your drive, congratulations: this alone should make your computer faster. It would work it's like a Yamaha exup valve it creates back pressure or TQ. Inexpensive increase in power! This 16cm non-wastegated, dual throat housing replaces the 18cm and 21cm housings on the 1988-1993 Dodge 12V 5. If you're looking to max out your stock or upgraded twin turbochargers these are a must! The stock N54 inlets are narrow and flat, greatly restricting airflow to the turbochargers and handicapping their ability to spool quickly and hit target boost. This helped the turbo reach full boost about 250 RPM sooner. 3. 5 DOHC. 0, Mod Motor, or late Model Coyote engine, we have solutions for you! what mods?. The intake istelf wont add any power benefits over the stock box but a stage 1 tune will give a small performance gain itself while improving driveability over the stock tune. My idea is to use a vacuum switch/relay (similar to VSV relay). Many people are just tired of having to deal with the lag of a bigger turbo. Oh and to really get it to spool faster using EFI set all your shift points higher, but your mileage will suffer a lot. The compressor housing (cold side) of the turbo is a little larger, but not by a lot; this allows it to flow more air without the lag traditionally expected from larger turbos. 3 cummins ashford Super MS/Extra'er running an open wastegate will make the wastegate dump sound more prominent, so you probably won't hear your turbo spool as much; running an exhaust cut out will just drown you in exhaust noise; I wouldn't recommend those if you want to just hear your turbo. Installation is quite tedious and does take a lot of patience but is definitely possible even for the average DIY guy. when does a gt 35 start to spool. The dyno operator than says that power is 650 whp, but because they didn’t turn up the boost pressure very high and because the turbo didn’t spool up till later in the RPM where the motors volumetric efficiency was decreasing, the engine only made 575 ft/lbs of torque, but it was able to hold this torque almost all the way out to redline. The exhaust turbine is connected to an air pump that compresses atmospheric air before it enters the combustion chamber. They used great big turbochargers that made a lot of extra power, but they took a long time to spool up after the driver hit the gas. Thank you, Bob [/ QUOTE ] Have your EGR valve checked or check it yourself. There is a balance to be achieved rather than just slapping on the tallest gearing possible just like with any gearing change. It also helps limit heat soak to neighboring parts of the turbocharger. Just doing some research because I found a good deal on a Turbonetics T3/T Intake would be the most affordable. You should be able to find one for pennies. We have  Turbo lag can make even the highest performing turbocharged engine feel your turbocharger to spool faster, increasing response and low-end power. Are you just wanting it louder or are you also wanting fast spool? If you flip the silencers inside out and put a cone filter on the stock tube it will be louder. with the money it cost to buy the 1st gear and installing it u could have put money into the turbo itself to get it to spool faster. May 13, 2018 · One of the high priority goals in those rpms is to get the turbo to spin faster. Re: Tuning to spool big turbos faster??? by chips60bug » Sat Jan 18, 2014 10:11 am In my own experience, running a turbo almost identical to yours, . Its over for your turbo at that point! Simple Steps to Use the Boost Leak Tester: 1. the 4 strokes are excellent sleds with alot of benefits as always stated and yes ITC can be improved but turbos take time to build big hp. My question is, what can be done to make this engine spool much quicker? I am not used to a diesel that doesn't spool well until almost 2,000RPM's. You'll also want a boost gauge to monitor the boost your turbo is pushing out. Build A Deck 60% Faster. Which one of the turbo's spool up faster? 67mm dbb w/ 70 a/r vs 72mm regular journal w/ 68 a/r? A buddy of mine's NA/T spools up his 67 bb turbo very slow compared to my 72 regular journal turbo. External gates keep the gate shut longer, letting power build faster. the only way to get a turbo to spool up quicker is by the design of the turbo itself. With the Boost Fooler installed you will see drops of 125 degrees on a stock truck (considerably more on modified trucks), up to 10psi peak boost gain and 6-8 psi sustained boost gain. But, what we’re really into is the rate of change in that speed, or, acceleration. Good looking part and an interesting idea. mine keeps blowing the "cac" tube( from the intercooler to the intake manifold) im replacing the 4th one now. With speculation of this turbo acting like a GT3582R, why DIDN'T it make tons more power, well I think that is a simple answer. Turbos rely on the pressure drop from pre to post-turbo in order to spool and build boost. 04 - $332. right now a guy is selling a brand new garret t3 modifed by airesearch into a t3/t4 for 300 if ur interested. A smaller turbine wheel will spool up quicker than a larger one because it requires less effort from the exhaust gases to do so. When you think fast, you think speed. The choice of compressor wheel depends on the what your goals are as far as spool time and the boost level that you plan to run. The tranny noise is normal. and it takes time for any turbo to spool up to 144k or whatever speed they operate at maximum output at. They are powered by scavenged exhaust gases that turn a turbine. either way, I like z1 because it comes with everything you need and Jul 02, 2012 · Turbo Spool: 3,600-4,400 rpm His quickest time of the day—1:58. should i go with a gt 30 and turn up the boost for about 500 hp. 5 inch system would that spool the turbo quicker? Less CFM are moving thru the exhaust so there is more back pressure in the system, shouldn't that make the turbine spin faster? Jun 03, 2016 · Helps the turbo spool up faster down low too. A turbo with a smaller aspect ratio will spool up faster and deliver more boost at low RPM but may not flow enough air at high RPM. I have a automatic dsm awd with a knock off evo3 turbo. Apr 22, 2018 · Simple answer is yes. At 3200rpms my stock turbo and stock tune my turbos already spooled and blasts off. This is worth about 5-7 horsepower at the wheels all else being equal and the gains are coming from a reduction in pumping losses alone – not an increase in boost. I am putting together a 300 hp 2. A friend of mine that pulls tractors use to weld pieces of metal in a spacer between his manifold and his turbo that directed exhaust gas the the back of the turbine to help him spool it. Get great deals on Other Vehicles Chat to Buy (07-14-2010, 06:31 AM) ForcedInduction Wrote: For the stock turbo it could help spool it up and increase performance off the line as a VNT turbo would do. 30 Apr 2019 Because the turbines do take time to spool (or spin), there is some Smaller turbos spool up much faster than a single large turbocharger. Replacement turbine housing on the 1988-1993 Dodge 5. 7 Mar 2015 Turbo lag is the time between mashing the throttle and feeling the rush of housing that will spool the turbo quicker, and an exhaust wastegate  friction for the compressor and turbine to spin on, thus are faster to spool (while adding cost). Single turbos tend to have a fairly narrow effective RPM range. 5-2015 6. Hey guys I was looking into getting a new turbo and was wondering if anyone had any insight on selecting the right turbo. On a turbo application there is all the back pressure to the engine that it could ever want and then some so there is no worry about haveing to little back pressure to the engine preturbo. TL; DR, having a front mounted intercooler means that your car can consistently produce its peak power, pull after pull – and also reduces turbo lag and increases throttle response and faster boost spool-ups – ballpark power gain estimates for Intercoolers alone range from 15-25 HP gain (at the wheels). the torque figure for turbo cars is always kinda bullshit because for a NA motor the only major variables are engine speed and throttle position, while for turbo cars it's those plus turbo speed. now you could do that and really hear things winding up. If you try it, let us know your results. or you could go to towing twins like my 35/3b setup. you should always size your turbo close to your power goal so it can be as responsive as possible. Spooling usually has a LOT to do with the tuning. Ball Bearing units really shine in improved transient response. If big power (in excess of 650 horsepower) or fast speeds are the objective, go with a larger size turbocharger and expect to turn some rpms before it spools up. Since we’ve been driving cars, there have been car owners that want to know how to make your car faster. 3L This thread is for sponsors/vendors (or users) to post a list of their dyno/race proven combination of parts and tunes to reach a good reliable 400 - 500 rwhp - 7. The Alpha Downpipes also feature laser cut heat shielding and a high flow Gesi catalytic converter which increases flow without compromising emissions or producing check engine light. <wink> <wink> You will probably want to do something like this if you are planning on putting a bigger down pipe onto your car. 98 Jones Exhaust Turbine Apr 07, 2008 · Get a cold air intake so your engine will suck in more air and your turbo can spool a little bit quicker. › See more product details Turbo`s make noise I have never heard mine make any noise. 1337Taco, Dec 3, 2010 #3. Restriction is the engines enemy and creates back pressure. Each turbo only needs the exhaust from 4 cylinders to spool it, so they are able to spool much faster than a single kit. Aug 04, 2015 · 1. I've successfully run an AFR in the mid 12s up to 13 psi on the stock turbo with 0 knock. Expect improved turbo spool, faster peak boost, and more volume from the turbochargers on your N54. I was out auto crossing for the first time ever and was thinking that I could run faster times if i could make the boost spool up quicker. You pick the color of ceramic you want. December 29, 2015. TurboClip provides universal fasteners that make deck installation quicker, easier, and all-around more efficient. While the GTX3076R flows like a GT35R, the GT35R has a much larger exhaust wheel and there for has much less back pressure as well as more potential to flow more air. However, the smaller pipe diameter increases the speed of exhaust flow, thus allowing your turbocharger to spool faster, increasing response and low-end power. And would I even notice a difference. a. But oftentimes, a faster PC requires not just having free space on the disk, but also using that space efficiently. currently spools around 4000 want to get to at least 3000. 48 A\\R make. 09 12 Valve cummins have a mechanical fuel pump & can be turned up to dump more fuel into the motor. Contrary to popular believe ball bearing turbos usually do not spool much better than JB turbos. Jan 07, 2009 · Re: Going to try a billet turbo with the SP Quick spool valve. I think some members are also experimenting with TD05-16G turbos, which look like they would spool well and make 300. Dec 18, 2006 · Kacey C, I could have not said it any better myself. Sep 15, 2008 · I have a GT28R with the stock MSP exhaust manifold, s-pipe, Vibrant exhaust w/ highflow cat, Injen CAI, 626 intake manifold, and Turbohoses hardpipes w/SMIC. I also go  6 Dec 2017 What Is Turbo Lag? What Is Boost Threshold? Don't Do This In A Turbo Car - https://youtu. 8T 300hp Fast Spool Turbo Charger. at this point the magnets would de-energize The time and money savings make this a very attractive proposition. The high-silicone ductile iron 3-piece high flow exhaust manifold will resist cracking and help the turbo spool quicker. 7L Cummins, the turbo uses electronically controlled vanes inside to adjust boost levels and allow for quicker spool up and the ability to precisely control EGT's. 63 exhaust housing is pretty damn small already. Smaller turbos in a twin turbo kit can also make very similar power as a larger single turbo. We make a center "T" pipe that is 1 3/8" ID to help with air speed. Boost threshold is its horsepower? Can a catback exhaust actually make your car faster? Only when the engine reaches sufficient speed does the turbine section start to spool up, or spin fast enough to produce intake pressure above atmospheric  8 Jun 2018 We get the low-down on turbo blankets from the guys at DEI. Exhaust upgrades can include: catback exhaust, high flow downpipe(s), aftermarket header. Input appreciated Kruso Aug 06, 2007 · But the turbo didnt spool like it should and it didnt run all that strong even at high boost. I'm torn with wanting to hit my 200rwhp goal with the RPM GT2560, but like the idea of quicker spool, vs the GT2860RS that the GYTR runs. Reduce the load and by the time it spools and boost comes on its doing 5000rpm. Without load on the engine, maximum RPM can be achieved at quite a small throttle opening, which means that the volume of air coming out isn't large or fast enough to effectively act on the turbo. But it all comes together. That sounds like a bad tune. If I remember correctly the turbo on such a truck would be called HX30. Diff gears for na cars only I say Added clamps to make tubes connected to each other more realistic looking; Added mods communication with DonnerTechRacing ecus mod; Added wear to turbo, intercooler, airfilter > Racing turbo wears faster than GT turbo > Airfilter reduces wear on GT turbo based on it's own wear > If intercooler is damaged it will reduce the max pressure possible Another thing I thought about today is that alot of the turbo companies not only clip but lighten the turbine wheels for faster spool, now looking at this picture and the one I posted earlier of my new wheel there is considerable amount of metal removed in order to lighten it and make it spool faster. Im guessing when the flap is closed you are forcing the exhaust through a smaller opening thus increasing the velocity of the exhaust to make the turbo spool faster. That housing would have been (I think) original on early Dodge/Cummins with automatic transmission. On the other hand if you set it too slow, the turbo will spool really slow. An EBCS may help you out. Wastegate & 50 shot was 288hp. Nov 13, 2016 · The GTP38R (shown) features a 66mm compressor wheel, a ball bearing center cartridge for quick spool up, can support 500 to 550 horsepower. RPM range 1,500-6,800 i made a quick spool valve for a friend of mine, it took about 8 hrs to make. For the stre it is an ultimate turbo. Those little turbos are actually robbing you off-boost power big time. What Does a Turbo Blanket Do? The theory with a turbo blanket is that it keeps heat in the turbo, allowing it to spool faster. Wastegate, no nos, was 211hp. Sep 14, 2009 · The difference with the turbos are how fast they spool up and how much air they produce. 25' custom cat back exhaust because your engine will being putting out more back pressure from more boost psi. Twin turbos are awesome for the daily driven or mostly street-driven Mustang. 1 viewed per hour. 5" (You can't fit bigger than 8. In testing, the 5 Blade Mafi a lineup has seen signifi cant power gains over other standard turbos. Larger throttle bodies on most D-series turbo setups that aren't really silly are just a mind-game. What will get you 500RPM faster spool alone, will not get you 500RPM faster spool when you have done everything else. It helps the turbo spool faster. Listed below are several popular Turbo whistle is the sound of the compressor inside the turbocharger speeding up (also known as ‘spooling up’, which is why it kicks in at the boost threshold (when the turbo starts to kick in) as you accelerate up the rev range. Comments. I didn't mention but when LPG starts getting injected at 5psi the boost rises much faster than with it turned off. This conditions then allows for the turbos wheel tips to make physical contact with the turbo housing. 1 Apr 2020 Turbo performance is always a gentle balancing act between high rpm power and low rpm boost response, but what if you could have both? 8 Aug 2013 I give reasons why people claim that holsets spool up so fast and theories why Garrett doesnt not build their turbines like holset does. Threads I've read about so far: Porting stock exhaust manifolds Adjusting waste gate 1-2 turns shorter We can put on a bigger A/R ratio, we can go to a 1. Maybe 200 by 3K, but not 300. 0 Turns out now the turbo will not spool up at all. In theory this sound  17 Jun 2015 In the pics I have you can see the turbine outlet is extremely necked down, I found out why on the initial test drive. This dilemma of big boost versus turbo lag has caused some diesel owners to go with twin-turbo systems. After reviewing the history and science behind The aftermarket headers have a better collector and design to help those turbos spool up faster. ive checked for other leakes and perssure tested my intercooler. I have noticed that when I accidentally ran my car very lean on E85 that my EGT's were approaching 1800 degrees and the turbo spooled faster and reached higher boost (no knock by the way). This turbo will spool faster and flow similarly to a GTX2860 (full boost below 3,000 RPM). Turbo cars love taller gearing and not shorter gearing as turbos rely on load to make boost. Any difference in spool that this would make I'd expect to be in the 9psi-max boost range due to the waste gate opening a bit early in the stock system. May 05, 2014 · Speaking of heat. Faster spool-up and transient boost response makes keeping lower EGTs an easy task for the 5 Blade. Along with the increased performance the 5 Blade design provides, it provides the ever sought after “jet turbine” whistle. 5lbs. Unfortunately it's still not cheap as you will also need an Accessport to install a tune for the intake. Boost Leak / Exhaust leak every turbo charged diesel will have some sort of turbo lag, its just nature of it, especially stock. 6 (or so)AFR during spool up will actually help the turbo spool faster than the basic ramp down to 11. There was that kid a year or so back that had a stack sticking out of the hood of his SD. you could even have it geared lower so that 2 turns of the motor yielded 3 turns of the turbo shaft or something. 4 liter engine, you know how important spool is, our goal was to make an upgraded turbo that doesn't spool much, if any, slower than stock but still makes more power. Bottom line, with the quick spool valve, your 62-67mm single turbo will spool quicker, hit harder and faster, and make much better torque and horsepower than your stock twins! End-of-story, read the stuff below for the technical nuts-and-bolts. Mar 30, 2017 · A belief that a pair of smaller turbos spool faster and deliver more power at lower RPM isn’t entirely true. I found the following link to Turbonetics website (I understand Turbonetics to be a This gives you faster spool up and a great sound. Jul 01, 2009 · For racing engines the answer is simple: as big a turbo as you can spool, or that the rules will allow. What's going to spool up the turbo faster: retarded timing / rich mixture retarded timing / lean mixture advanced timing / rich mixture advanced timing / lean mixture Looking for consistant boost level in a short amount of time (from the time I stage till the time the go light comes on). up boost levels at a slow rate by opening the wastegate at about 3-4 psi. 0. yessss i know the the gt 30 has a faster spool. It also has a side benefit of controlling under-hood temperature. Pretty late for a GT30-based turbo. Starting at 3” and tapering down to 2. Smaller turbos in a twin turbo kit can also make very similar power as a larger single turbo . Ball Bearing will only get you faster spool, it wouldn't get you any additional power as the wheels are still the same. If you had us machine a . The SD trucks got a factory . Overall will make less power as less load on turbo and delayed spool up (rev range) Much better to have boost hit hard at 2800rpm. The big benefit of that is that at the top RPM the larger turbine housings will develop more power because otherwise you are choking the engine. 9L Cummins engines giving faster turbo spool-up, quicker throttle response and higher top-end boost levels. I doubt it in terms of 'spool'. If you get an intake and o2 housing it will be louder and spool faster Jul 25, 2011 · Picking the best turbo for an application is far more science. 2 strokes spool fast and you can be from a tail stand to endo much faster in tight trails. 0 average based on 1 product rating. The compressor side has less of an effect on spool-up, but generally a larger compressor will produce cooler compressed air, and will be able to generate more turbo boost, but will take a little longer to spin up to speed. A few ways: Decrease AFR and leave timing alone. This is to make the engine response more smooth and managable to the common driver. Mounted behind the rear seats, the 3-cylinder engine works with Jan 19, 2017 · Not quite as good as compound turbo set up, but a VGT system definitely can help turbo spool faster when getting into throttle from a dead stop. At higher rpm, the second valve opens and exhaust gases are sent to both turbos. You won't get full boost, but it will spool faster once you're under way because you start with the turbo spinning faster. This turbo is good for up to 375 whp on a Focus ST with response that is closest to OEM. 63 A\\R spool versus a . 3L Evo 9, and we noticed that the turbo spooled 250rpms earlier during 3rd gear ramp runs from 2000 rpm all the way to redline, due to low ignition advance during spool up (9*@2200rpm tapering to 1-3*@29 psi peak boost). Just wondering what everyone thought about single turbos and twin turbos. Terminator X EFI is the ideal solution if you're looking to install a Multi-Port EFI system on your Ford engine! Whether it's a Small Block 5. 24 valve cummins are computer controlled & can get a substantial increase of power through a Apr 11, 2016 · Called electric-powered compressor (EPC) in Audi terminology, the battery-powered turbo will spool up at low engine speeds to virtually eliminate turbo lag by providing boost right off the line. EFR 6258:This turbo is the smallest offering available with the Full-Race EFR kits making this the quickest spooling turbo available. but amazingly his 2. By upgrading your downpipe with a flow-optimized downpipe fitted with a high-flow sports catalytic converter, you’ll immediately notice improved throttle response, louder and faster turbo spool-up and more overall power – on average, you’ll gain about 15hp from a high-flow catted downpipe. Turbo-diesel engines and 4WDs go together like bacon and breakfast. IMPORTANT: We do not recommend this on stock compressor wheels, this wheel will help the turbo to spool better and run harder, which will exacerbate the surge problem (more so on the L99-03 trucks) with the stock compressor wheels. Reducing pressure post-turbo (referred to as back-pressure) allows the exhaust gases to accelerate faster as they look to escape. What can I do to make my turbo spool up faster when I mash the peddle down on my 05 PSD. 13 Mar 2018 A person can get deep in the weeds discussing compound turbos and turbo with a high A/R will never spool high enough to get to the sweet spot the high- pressure turbo's wastegate to open at 45 psi for quicker low-rpm  20 Aug 2017 Is there a turbo that will make more power than the factory version and be It was also even quicker spooling down low than the factory Holset  30 Sep 2015 Turbo upgrades have become popular with diesel owners looking for a little extra Traditionally, ball bearing designs have been known to spool up more If big power (in excess of 650 horsepower) or fast speeds are the  Okay, so you have read or are about to read what is below and you want the your 62-67mm single turbo will spool quicker, hit harder and faster, and make  1 Oct 2012 This means that the turbo will spool faster, possibly hold more boost, and the motor should also move more air per stroke. 5. The less pressure after the turbo the quicker it will allow it to spool up period. How to get the EBAY T3/T4 turbo to spool faster? « on: August 16, 2009, 01:05:23 AM » Yeah, so I am rocking the infamous T3/T4, about 340whp @ 5500-6000 rpm. For a street truck, it is a little more complicated. You are going to spend a lot of money to only make it a little faster. To make more power, a bigger turbo is going to be needed--one that can make more boost pressure efficiently. As far as the turbo spool. His car has been tuned to make 680hp @25psi on race gas, so its not a slap job NA/T. But for anyone who has seen a turbo speed gauge you know that 99+% of chargers don’t turn 250,000 rpms. Naturally-aspirated performance cars are very much becoming a thing of the past. We were tuning an 2. So a 50shot, and 7psi s252, gave 77hp boost. Designed for use on large-capacity turbocharger systems and high-horsepower engines Brings maximum possible performance through faster turbo spool-up from idle and reduced turbo lag between gears $166. It prevents the dissipation of useful exhaust energy improving turbo RPM acceleration. The smaller turbine means less mass, which results in a quicker spool time. A car that can go 150 miles per hour is impressive. The cost per horsepower is not as great as doing the stage 1, however stage 2 is needed to maximize the performance. So an engine with a higher power output level i would assume would spool a turbo fatser than one wiyh a lower power output. This was taken from the graph on the MAP website, our stage 2 is spooling faster, and making more power. 88R):confused: GT35R with a . Basically the theory goes if you want to increase spool, then you need to increase exhaust gas flow to your turbo, and to increase exhaust gas flow. I'm still undecided on what kit to go with. When you're cruising around, and the valve opens, the only way you can really tell is you can hear the turbo spool down, boost goes down a smidgen and drive pressure basically halfs. Therefore, reducing back-pressure allows a turbo to spool faster and build more boost. Sep 11, 2018 · The smaller exhaust housing (hot side) retains the responsiveness of a small turbo, so it can spool faster. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Surprise! Turbo is in perfect condition except maybe too velvety look from the black smoke. Running the Bikeman Race Pipe your turbo will spool faster, less heat on exhaust valves and make more power! Turbo calculators are beneficial software applications that help you pick out the right turbo charger for your increase. The size does matter but you also have to consider the exhaust size, engine size, etc. The turbo kicks in at 2200rpm when in 2nd gear full throttle. 2:1. 84 A/R ratio and also a wastegate to control boost pressure. Do an up, port and polish the manifolds/turbo, do a better TMIC, and do a GOOD tune, and you will end up with a FXT that drives like it has a small block V8, and not a 4 cyl turbo. another question. 2mm inducer and 49mm exducer high-flow 9-blade design. it all comes down to how the fueling parameters are set and when the ecm I recently installed a water/methanol kit on my car. The 9-blade design has two key benefits: more peak exhaust flow as there is less material in the way of flow, and 21% lighter for a faster spool time. Should spool pretty early and still make power up in the top end unlike stock turbos. Fuel upgrades will make the turbo spool faster. Everything is ok there. SP engineering has been around for years and make huge HP turbo cars and from what it seem improved apon the tested version by make there wg flapper adj. I am assuming you are running parallel twins, each driven by three cylinders. 63ar hot side is the best comparable turbo except it is 3x the money and not rebuildable. 4. PSI isn't as important as the CFM the turbo pushes. Aug 18, 2017 · The creation of s moother organic transitions allows exhaust gases to flow more efficiently which lets your turbos spool quicker, delivering power, faster. Mar 16, 2017 · Later, in cars like the iconic Porsche 911 Turbo, automakers strictly used them to make already-potent cars insanely fast. Here are my mods: 04 STI SS Autochrome FMIC GT-Spec header/uppipe Tial 44mm wg 1 bar spring SBR GT30-12 turbo Helix dp Espelir catback STI modded injectors TGV deletes APS turbo inlet I'm not sure what else to do other than play with the AVCS timing to get faster spool. The Quick Spool Valve has a butterfly valve blocking a scroll of the divided turbo housing, making the turbo act as if it were a smaller turbo. I think with massive fuel upgrades AND a bigger turbo, you may find the performance you're looking for, but if low end grunt is all you want, especially with a load behind you, the stock the better quality the turbo, the more power you can make at a lower PSI with lower spool times. In short, our wraps can help you go faster, sooner, without the troublesome heat. 1in compressor wheel with a 585cu in engine Jan 08, 2018 · Without it, the whole turbo glows a bright yellow and reads as much as 760 degrees Fahrenheit. # Exhaust Upgrades. After reviewing the history and science behind May 13, 2016 · Defragment your hard disk for a faster PC. Good calculators have additional functions that assist you to maximize the ability of your faster setup including improving the spool function and keeping dependable manage over your enhance pressure. you could use it at low rpms to get off the line, then have it freewheel once the turbo started spinning on its own. 5 psi) doesn't come on until just about 4000 rpm. My understanding of optimal shift points is that you dont change at Smaller will only cause it to spool faster, making the turbo efficiency point lower in its top end (what will eventually happen is you will overspeed the compressor, and no more gains are seen) Large will just cause more lag, and in fact same result if you just go bigger turbine housing, so a useless thing to do. If you size them right, your "all motor" power will be better, along with increased spool response and better top end. but that . 3L Power Stroke Diesel - How to get turbo to spool up quicker? - Was behind a guy in an F350 the other dayat a Starbucks drive thru. The car is absolutely faster. Reduces turbo lag time. When exhaust header wrap is used in turbo applications, this scavenger effect can make the turbo spool faster, reducing the “flutter” of the throttle and building more boost in less time. Nov 04, 2004 · im not sure about spooling faster from the higher compression, but generally speaking, a motor with more compression will make more power than one with less compression. And when it engages turbo spools up, boost climbs and drive pressure doubles. When should you be concerned? All turbochargers make some amount of noise – and most people don’t even 2-Spool vs. So off comes the exhaust elbow so I can start correcting my follies. In 2nd gear full boost (9. Hence a SC61 will make much more power at 10psi than a T3T04B 60 trim, and spool faster as well. That should make your decision for you. But yes they do work. Ya the 30lb is noticeable as well I dont think playing with diff gears is a good idea on xr6t. Pick form Black Satin ceramic or Polished ceramic. A twin-scroll turbocharger system requires a divided-inlet turbine housing AND a For a twin-scroll application, cylinder #1 and #4 would have exhaust directly to the twin-scroll proved to continue to climb at a faster rate than the single-scroll up This has the potential to negatively impact both spool and topend power for   Mass flow spools the turbo. This makes it arguably more important to have the right exhaust on a turbo, as the effect of having your turbo spool faster is going to be far more noticeable than the extra power gained by scavenging from cylinders on an N/A. 5 Ways To Reduce Turbo Lag. Helps me go faster Show i am wondering if there is ways that you can make your turbo spool up louder with out putting a new turbo on im on a low budget but would So, you can size the turbo larger to get the volume you need without the main concerns being spool-up time. and about how much boost would i need to make about 500 - 550 ish hp thanks in advance. Using a 3-port solenoid in interrupt mode will help the turbo spool faster and reach higher peak boost. I have heard guys on here say that the stainless steel exhaust manifold from HTT will make your turbo spool faster by 200-300 rpm. Both have a fan in front with a core behind it, but there are two different approaches to making all the components rotate concentrically. 891—was over a second faster than the EVO using the old turbo setup and third fastest in competition with only the Nissan R35 Second idea: oxygen for turbo spool Inject oxygen gas into the exhaust prior to the turbo, while running a 20-30% richer than stoich AFR through the motor. In order to spool a turbo with half the exhaust flow, you need a much lighter turbine to equal the spool characteristics of a single with full exhaust flow. 25” (a step down like this accelerates exhaust flow helping the turbo to spool) the BBK pipe foregoes the bottleneck catalytic converter all together. It doesn’t let all the heat into the engine bay, keeping things cooler. Is this turbo what I want? Probably. This leads to faster turbo spool and getting to peak torque more quickly. If you install a bypass it should be used in off-road situations only. This kit features a S400SX4 turbo with a 1. Stage 3 would be upgrading some of the airflow components such as intercoolers, throttlebody/plenum, intake pipes, and Y-Pipes. 3 Aug 2019 Do you have problems with a slow turbo spool and a lot of turbo lag on with the engine, getting a faster spool and reducing the turbo lag can  As the engine RPMs increases, the turbo spools up and starts to build boost. Yes, larger turbos spool off engine load. Lower Underhood Temperatures for a Cooler Ride That allows the single turbo to spool up faster. Now if someone will make a different exhaust wheel to scavenge the exhaust gases and to make the turbo spool quicker. I would think the . Turbodiesels are just simply better than non-turbo diesels. 9L turbo to give better bottom end response and more horsepower. Ball bearing turbo setups will spin about 30% faster, which pump out about 30% more air. how to make a turbo spool faster

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